Drick Luxury, a Haitian luxury brand that you must know

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Clothing in the world has taken on another dimension since then, we, the people living in society, have understood that the way we present ourselves is the way everyone sees us. This concept, the big brands use it a lot and create themselves a big name and their products becomes a reference that values your social class.

Humans are attracted to beautiful things. We have all had a moment in our lives when we wanted to own a beautiful shirt, a dress, a shoe etc … but our resources couldn’t satisfy our desires. Some of us live it in silence, some of us too, like GUE Whendrick decides to provide solutions to this problem.

The native of the Haitian capital, like many others, was forced to leave the country because of the socio-economic crisis. At the age of 21, changing countries could give everyone the feeling of starting all over again from scratch, but he knew how to count on his intelligence and his passion. He managed to take his courage in pairs and made a big bet, the bet to pursue his dream.

After 3 years in the fashion world where he works with many photographers, designers and stylists. Whendrick decided to use what he learned on the ground to make us enjoy, with the meager means we have, what is called great luxury, thanks to the new brand he created 《DRICK LUXURY》.

A better product at a better price. It is with logic that this brand works. The prices are affordable and the raw materials have an extraordinary quality and resistance. The designs are magnificent and the most important thing that we look for in a luxury product, who is the comfort, is also present.
As an example, DRICK LUXURY shoes come from the world-famous manufacturer “Aliveshoes” which is the best in this field and comes directly from Italy.

With the vision of bringing us class, style and luxury in the same product. The young designer, who has more than 100,000 followers on social networks, is knocking hard on the door of the Haitian market and his products are available on the brand’s website: www.drickluxurybrand.com .

After G. Whendrick has started to bring satisfaction to everyone in the international community since September 2021, it is up to us to discover his potential and talent, we must also support it.

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